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AGIF Missions Project: Chennai, India

The AGIF is partnering with Herald of Faith to provide a secure and convenient place for the training of village pastors. The facility will also be used as a church. AGIF board member, Winston Mattsson-Boze has been ministering in India for the past 15 years working to develop and train village pastors. Winston teaches pastors every month using video conferencing technology over the Internet. The pastors come from the surrounding neighborhoods and nearby villages. Currently, there are about 30 of them who attend regularly. 

The location is convenient because it is a large city with good transportation and Internet capacity. Because it is a very poor area, the availability of public transportation is very important. The building will include a meeting hall, a kitchen and several rooms for guests or small group meetings. There is already an existing ministry of distributing food to the poor. This church is growing quite rapidly to where there are now 26 families involved. Although they are very poor, they have collected around $700 toward the project. The local leader is Pastor Emanuel Karamuri, who left his job as an airline mechanic in Bombay to answer the call of God on his life to preach the gospel. This project will be very similar to one that is currently nearing completion in Nellore which is 125 miles north of Chennai. It will be dedicated in January when Steve and Kathy Fitzpatrick arrive there to teach.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 from our AGIF members and partners toward this project which will help obtain the property and help with the construction costs. The total cost of the project will be $30,000 and we want to have a part in it. If you want to help us with this project, you can send your offerings to the AGIF office with the designation of Project Chennai or you can participate by using the button below:



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