In the closing session of the 2-day Memorial Service for Reverend Ted Lanes and Conference—in San Diego February 2-3, 2005, Reverend Winston Mattsson-Boze outlined the 7 pillars upon which the Fellowship was built. Winston was literally born into the Fellowship, his father being one of its founders as well as a pioneer of Pentecost in both Sweden and America. Winston has followed the spread of Pentecostal revival and participated in both the growth of missions world-wide and the Assemblies of God Fellowship International. He has served on the Elder Board for a number of years
contributing a wealth of wisdom and experience to AGIF's global membership.
These 7 Pillars reflect our core beliefs as a Fellowship of Independent ministers and churches. They serve as an expression of AGIF's past and present vision and purpose. If you are in agreement with these biblical principles we invite you, come serve with us as we co-labor with our Lord and Savior fulfilling His Great—and final—Commission.

1 The Autonomous local church led by a body of qualified elders.

2 The guidance of the Holy Spirit through a disciplined life of prayer.

3 The authority of Scripture as the final rule of faith and practice.

4 The ministry gifts and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

5 Missions and Evangelism as the means of fulfilling the Great Commission.

6 Biblical Holiness and a disciplined life for ministers in Christ's church.

7 Hospitality and inclusiveness in Christ without regard to national origin, race or eschatological or political persuasion.

In summary: AGIF is an all-inclusive Fellowship with an open door to all ministers and churches who submit to the Lordship of Jesus and agree in principle with the above 7 pillars upon which AGIF was established.
AGIF is a good Fellowship.
AGIF has a solid foundation.
AGIF has a great future.