AGIF History

Our distinct and united testimony as a recognizable fellowship dates back to a regional gathering of Full Gospel ministers held in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1922. that meeting resulted in a unanimous desire and decision to be recognized as a fellowship of independent churches. Co-existent with our group were the Scandinavian Independent Assemblies, an incorporated unit. Their cooperative effort dated back to the early outpourings of the Holy Spirit particularly in the Mid-western part of the U.S.

Prominent among pioneers in this group were men such as Pastor B.M Johnson, who founded Lakeview Gospel Church, Chicago, in 1911 and shepherded that work for 25 years. A.A. Holmgren, a Baptist minister who received his baptism in the Holy Spirit in the early outpourings in Chicago, for a period of years published SANNINGENS VITTNE, A printed voice of the Scandinavian independent Assemblies. Also among them was Gunnar Wingren, one of the outstanding pioneers of the great missionary work in Brazil, South America, which today numbers no less than 14,500,00 members and thousands of churches. Arthur F. Johnson, who had received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in William Durham's Mission in Chicago in 1910, served for several years as chairman of the Scandinavian Assemblies.

In the year 1935 this fellowship dissolved its corporation and united with our independent fellowship to form an unincorporated pattern of inter-church fellowship and cooperative effort. The fellowship has maintained this basic form of mutual work until the present. Its procedures, more or less informally evolved through the years, have enabled these local churches to carry on their work at home and abroad with the blessing of the spiritual encouragement and practical help of like-minded assemblies.

An earmark of the fellowship has been its devotion to presenting the  Pentecostal message. Aware of the fact that injury to the Full Gospel cause has often been caused by lack of  balance in both message and methods, the fellowship seeks to maintain the Pentecostal message and experience.