Help Complete a Church in the Philippines!

A overseas missions opportunity for AGIF members to partner with Faith, Hope, Charity Ministries International Inc., founded by AGIF member Evangelist Amanda Wilson. We are making an appeal to raise $4300 to complete the roof on a church building the Pampanga region in the Philippines. Construction began in October 2016, but construction was suspended in January due to lack of funds.

Rev. Amanda Wilson was born and raised in the Philippines in Catholicism. When she came to America a pastor came to her door and asked her if she was saved. She did not understand the word “saved.” She asked herself, saved from what? This pastor then led her to the Lord and years later this pastor sponsored her and commissioned her as an Evangelist with the AGIF. Amanda has a heart and burdened to reach the lost in the Philippines. In 2015, Amanda held a revival in the region for three days with over 200 people in attendance, but there was not a church within walking distance for these people and so she undertook this project to build the church. Presently, more than 80 people attend on a regular basis.

Time is of the essence for this project because certain permits will expire soon if the construction is not completed. Please help us to partner with FHC Ministries and Amanda Wilson to raise $4300 to complete this project. You can give at the link below or by check to our offices: PO Box 22410, San Diego, CA 92192 and be sure to indicate that it is for FHC Ministries.