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RCMI Summer News - Belize

Jun 15 2015

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Don't forget to pray for us!  We are counting on your prayers as we go.  Your prayers make a difference on the mission field.  We are the goers, and you are the senders.  It takes us all, with the Holy Spirit, to get the job done.  Thanks!
SUMMER NEWS  -  June 15, 2015
Dear Friend,

This week is our time of departure to Belize Central America for a three week mission trip.  There is more detail about the trip below.  We cherish your prayers as we prepare to go, and as we minister in Belize from June 20th thru July 10th.  We fly out of Killeen, TX June 20th.  Until then, we have a busy four days of taking care of details here and final packing.  Thanks to all those who have supported Refuge CMI financially and in prayer support.  Because of your faithful support, we are able to accomplish many things for the Kingdom of God.
God bless you for your faithfulness in finances and prayer.  We expect great things during this trip.
Facts About Belize
A Beautiful But Needy Place
Belize is a beautiful place for vacations, cruises and ex-pats to retire.  However, as you go deeper into Belize, you see the other side.  Average annual income a few years ago was $3,740.00 and many live on less than $300.00 per year.  Drugs, crime, and health are serious issues.  But the people of Belize are friendly and welcoming.  There is much work to be done for the Kingdom of God in Belize. 
Beauty & Poverty
There are many beautiful places in Belize.  This is a picture of the river near Boom Creek which is also near Punta Gorda in Southern Belize where I was able to visit in 2007.

Below is the airstrip in the same area the missionaries built for spreading the gospel in Central America
But also in the same area are homes where people are struggling every day to feed their families and make a living, often from what they grow.

This is the little Nazarene Church where Johnny and I will join others during the first week to do children's ministries and work on the church.
I know I am repeating myself again, but I cannot thank you enough for your faithful support to this ministry, and the great things that have been done over the years to futher the Kingdom of God in Central America and the Caribbean Nations.
God continues to open doors of opportunity not only in the areas we feel called to as our primary geographical area of ministry, but other areas keep asking us to come.  It has always been my prayer and commitment, that as the Lord provides the means, and the open doors, we will walk through them obediently.  We will be announcing a new area in the near future.  So be sure to check our website regularly, as  well as continue to read these e-newsletters.  God bless you!


Paul Olson


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