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Bengt Peterson - August Missions Update

Aug 18 2015

It is a joy for me to sit down to write some lines to you again.

In the month of June I went to the northern part of this  Province of Bohuslän (close to Norway) twice. Two of those meetings were held in the Ingrid Bergman´s Park by the harbor. We usually reach quite a few people in those meetings. This is a good possibility to evangelize.

In that same month I visited different places to preach and to sing here in the western part of Sweden. In one meeting there were people from Spain. They worked with Reto (an Organization that works with people that have problems with alcohol and drugs). They have work in Spain, Norway and now in one Province here in Sweden. It´s founder worked several years together with Daniel Öst, who was the founder of "Centro de Fe, Esperanza y Amor" in Mexico, where I have preached several occations.

In July I went to a Convention in Norway no too far from Tönsberg. It was good meetings with different ministers and singers. One day we had 2 meetings in a bigger Hall at the Center of Svarstad.

The following week we went to the south of Sweden to a Chilean Church, where I could preach in Spanish. Someone was saved! Wonderful! They also had a Baptismal Service in a small lake, where 2 persons were baptized.

In my next Letter I shall mention about meetings I´ve been to here on the West Coast and further up the country and I shall tell you what God did there!

                                                                                Yours for souls
                                                                                  Ben Peterson

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