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Bengt Peterson - September Missions Update

Sep 12 2015

I hope you are fine?  Here in Sweden we´ve had a lot of rain in July bur August has been a nice month.

In the end of July there were Tentmeetings in a town called Uddevalla by the West Coast. That part of Sweden hasn´t been so much touched by the full Gospel and it´s  fantastic all that is being done  there nowadays. One Pastor from the north of Sweden came with his  tent ( a Partytent ). Before he was a Pastor with the Free Lutheran Church. In one meeting I testified about my calling and about the ministry in Mexico during these years.

In another meeting I spoke some more. I felt to invite those that has been fooled by the devil and slipped and now they felt condemned and they wanted assurance from the Lord about their salvation! Somebody wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit! People came from different Churches in Uddevalla and from other places round about.

In the beginning of August I visited a town called Karlskoga inside the country. The name of the Church is "New Life". It started as a Swedish Church but more and  more Africans has joined it and Rev. Simon is now Pastor there. God blessed and met their needs! I recall one Service in that Convention when a lot of children and youth came forward for prayers! We believe that God touched them whatever the needs might have been!

I have also visited another Church on the West Coast. Next I shall go to the south of Sweden for some meetings. One of the Churches is a Chilean Church. The next week I shall go to Norway. Please pray for me! In my next Letter I hope to  give you a report about my Trip to Mexico!

                                                                              Yours for souls

                                                                               Ben Peterson

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