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Refuge Christian Ministries International - Summer 2015

Sep 11 2015

In most sports, the first half is often an indicator of how the second half will be played.  However, sometimes it is a rallying cry for the lagging team to get it going, and in the process, they end up winning instead.  We are not playing a sport, but it is still good sometimes to look at where we have been, and where we think God wants us to be.

So far in 2015, we have been able, with your support and prayers, to make some divine connections in Belize.  Already we are making plans for a return trip to Belize in 2016 to conduct some pastor/leader training, conduct a three day marketplace festival- crusade, do some construction, and whatever other opportunities the Lord may open up to us.  We are excited at what the Lord may do through your ministry connections with us.

God has done some remarkble things so far this year and I believe there will be even more to rejoice about in the second half as we all continue to work together to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God.

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