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Bengt Peterson - October Missions Update

Oct 29 2015

Just now I´m sitting here in Norway writing these lines to you. God has been blessing in a wonderful way by His Spirit!
At the beginning of September I preached on the West Coast. At the middle of that month I went to the south of Sweden and I preached in a Chilean Church there. They had their meeting in a home.
On Sunday we went to a Church in the town of Helsingborg named "Zion". I preached in one of the meetings and brother Svein Nymo preached in one. They also had a Baptism, where 2 Young people were baptized.
From 20 - 29 of September I have been preaching and singing in Norway. I visited 4 provinces at the south -east of this country. In one Church we used both the English and the Norwegian languages. In another place there was a Carismatic Prayer Group wiith people from different Churches. I have also been able to speak about the missionwork and I thank God for what has been done for the mission work.
In my next Prayer Letter I shall write more about my visit up here in the west of Norway. I am visiting an Island South of the Town of Bergen.
It´s been decided that I shall leave for Mexico October 13th. Please pray much for me that people might be saved and that they might meet the Lord to Spirit, soul and body! God is able! I shall stay there till December 9.
                                                                                                   Yours for souls
                                                                                                   Bengt Peterson 

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