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Bengt Peterson - November Missions Update

Nov 10 2015

While I was in Norway I took a trip up to the western part of that country, after being 10 Days around the the SE part. I was invited by friends to travel up to them on an island 70 miles S of Bergen. There we had a meeting in a Free Lutheran Church, where I preached and also informed about the mission-work and I was invited back for 3 meetings next time.

 There live now only 100 persons. Earlier there lived 600. They have a carferry and cars go there, because that island is big. Around you can see sheep go about gazing.

When I came back to the island of Dyrön in Sweden I participated in my Church there, testified a little about Mexico and I also sang to the glory of God.

The 13th of October I began my journey to Mexico. The first days here was a lot of rain and it was cold. I don't know if that's the reason or what, but I got sick: problem with my stomack, I was freezing ( I Iguess I had fever) and all my energy had vanished. The first meetings I had I was weak, but the Lord blessed!  I lost several kilos those days but now I've recovered!

I have preached and I have been singing here in Matias Romero and also participated in a Memorial Service in Juchitan and also participated in 3 meetings in Salina Cruz by the Pacific. There I saw someone that wanted salvation! I also preached in the evening on the Christian Radio that covers the town of Salina Cruz. I preached about "Life" at a time when many here in Mexico worship the dead.

Next I shall go back to Juchitan for a meeting and the following Sunday - Monday I shall be in Minatitlan, Veracruz. Thank you for your prayers!

I'd like to thank God for what He's done the last months! I heard testimonies about healings in Norway!  Here I have met people that have told me how they were saved many years ago, when I came here first! Also about healing!

I also received words from God before I started my journey  that He would bless me and my ministry both here and whereever I go! That's tremendous!

                                                                                                Yours for souls

                                                                                                  Ben Peterson 

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