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The Name of JESUS at the End of the Age-- J. Michael Nace

Sep 02 2016

IN Genesis chapter four we see the first mention of calling on the Name of the LORD. It is in the context of prayer.

In the NT we see the Name of the Lord mentioned as a Name men call upon: Acts 2:21; Acts 9:14; Acts 22:16; Romans 10:13; 1 Corinthians 1:1 and 2 Timothy 2:22 to name a few.

Romans chapter 10 tells us how will people call upon someone whom they do not know their Name? Romans 10:14

In this study we want to take a look at the Name of Jesus in the End Times. The End Times are the years of the Church Age finalizing in the Second Coming. The reason for this is as we read about the Name of Jesus in Revelation 2 & 3 (which we shall look at shortly) it indicates that the Name may be less well-known as the end approaches. We are taking the approach that the Seven Churches depict, among other things, the chronology of Church History from the Early Church to the end of time. This is a commonly accepted belief.

To do this let’s turn to Revelation chapters 2 & 3.

Revelation chapter 2:3 tells us that the Church at Ephesus, representing the Early Church, labored for the Name and did not faint.  Laboring for the Name means it was something they worked for. And the fact they did not faint means they persevered in opposition and struggle.

Revelation chapter 2:13 says the Church at Pergamum “held fast” to the Name. That means someone was trying to take it away!! Pergamum is the church age after the apostles when the church began to cozy up to the secular world and began to compromise their pilgrim character. The ecclesiastical church machine that eventually was headed up by Constantine likely was taking issue with the Name of Jesus in the Roman pagan empire. Eventually they preferred the Triune name and the Name of Jesus was carried on by those outside the state church who were eventually persecuted in the Dark Ages until the time of the Reformation. They no longer wanted a Savior but preferred a System! Systems cannot save the soul.  Only a Savior can!

Revelation chapter 3:8 says the Philadelphia Church “did not deny My Name” meaning there was a price to pay for the Name! The Philadelphia Church age is where we are now, beginning in the 1700s with missionary movements and going up until the apostasy of the Church beginning with the Laodicea Age which is yet future but is soon coming upon us. As we go further in history you will see the Name of Jesus contested to the point of culture and systems attempting to get us to deny the Name but true Philadelphia Church believers will not deny the Name! You can see the Name of Jesus is not mentioned in the Laodicea Church (verses 14-22). Jesus is even OUTSIDE the Church! (see verse 20)

Can you see the progression in Church History: Laboring for the Name? Holding fast the Name. Not denying the Name? Where does that leave us today??

First of all, we must admit around the world many do not even KNOW the Name of the Lord.

Secondly, we must as the question “What do many churches and ministries labor for today??” If not the Name, what?? Sadly, many are laboring for money, fame, numerical size and success. But not the Name of the Lord. There is no glory in that! Yet Jesus said wherever the Holy Spirit is He (Jesus Christ) would be glorified!! John 16:14

Thirdly, what do we do about this?? [Locally and beyond].

I would like to suggest that the Name of Jesus should be prominent in every Bible-preaching/teaching church. People that attend such a church as ours for example should hear the Name in our midst. That we revere and honor it in our public ministry, including baptism and prayers.

Secondly, we should freely share this truth with other Christians from other churches as opportunity presents itself. These Christians may not be aware of what they are missing.

If people are uncomfortable with the Name, there is a reason.

As the end times approach deeper and deeper I predict to you that two things will happen with the Name. The Name will become more unpopular and be a lightning rod for opposition (Matthew 24:9b) and secondly the Name will be on the lips of all people that love the Lord more and more in prayer for deliverance and protection from danger. This is why the enemy does not want the Name preached or taught.

The old Jews saw the Name as the same as the Person it represents. In 3 John 7 calls the ministers who were working for the Name in the Early Church the true ministers. Paul was called to work for the Name (Acts 9:15 etc.). The Early Church “hazarded their souls for the Name. “Acts 15:26.

We will wear that Name in Heaven (Revelation 3:12 & 14:1). Modern translations call Jesus Name and the Name of the Father the same name. See this in John 17 and Revelation 14. Jesus is said to have received His Name by inheritance. How does a name get passed down through inheritance? The Father’s name is passed to the son. So it was with Jesus. Therefore, JESUS could be the Name of the Father as well. Look at Matthew 28:18-20. There is ONE NAME used in Baptism. The Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is ONE Name. Could it be JESUS??

In Isaiah 9:6 the Son Jesus is called the Father, Son and Counsellor (Holy Spirit). Hmmmm.

We must all make an individual decision as to what the Name means to us. For me it represents the saving covenant that God has activated in Christ. It also means the Power of God in the spoken word and prayer. It also means the fullness of God Almighty (Isaiah 9:6; Colossians 1:19; 2:9 and 1 Timothy 3:16). 

Let’s value and life up the name in our Christian lives and church life. Our church stands for the Name, the Word and the Power of God. As we stand for these truths, God will bless us. Amen

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