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Bengt Peterson - April Missions Update

Apr 21 2015

This month of March has been an involuntary "holiday" for me and I had to say no to some 4 Days of meetings. I was hoarse and was coughing a lot and it took some time to heal! But I recorded 4 preachings for my home-page and they didn´t need to "cut" any time. I believe they will be a blessing for those that enter to watch!
This month I am celebrating 30 years in the south of Mexico. Before that I had been ministring in the north of Mexico and lived 3 months in California and 3 months in Tijuana, B.C. It was the 1st of April 1985 that I left for Mexico City and thereafter I went to the little town of Matias Romero in the State of Oaxaca. I was invited for a 4 Days Campaign and had bought a flightticket to return north after 10 days.
That Campaign was a blessed one and for an Evangelist from Sweden it was fantastic to see souls receive Jesus as their Savior! I decided to stay and I went out to different Campaigns. First I went together with a wel-known Evangelist, who interpreted me and sometimes I went alone. I "only" knew English, but little by little I learned Spanish.
At the beginning we had many Campaigns and they were held there in the south - almost always outdoors -. Also now I have Campaigns there but not that many. But on those Campaigns, Convensions, Rallies and Church-meetings I can see how people are getting saved and receive blessings from God!
Some people say that "you have spent almost whole of your life in Mexico. Now you can take it easy". My wish is to go on serving the Lord and win souls for Him! Next I shall preach here on the West Coast and thereafter I shall - God´s willing - visit Norway. Thank you for your prayers!
                                                                            Yours in Christ
                                                                               Ben Peterson

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