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The Principle of the Eleven Foot Pole

It can be uncomfortable at times to welcome and embrace someone on the fringes. You’re never quite really sure if they will do or say something that might cause embarrassment for themselves, but more importantly, the rest of us. However, there is treasure to be found by stretching our reach a little farther. Love and acceptance can make a great impact upon someone who has experienced ostracization and rejection. Life may seem less complicated if our criteria for acceptance is narrow, but we will miss out on what God has in store for us.

"...Fellowship With One Another"

The Board of Elders of the Assemblies of God International Fellowship (AGIF) has selected me to serve as president. It is an honor and yet at the same time it is a humbling experience as I think about the greatness of those who have served before me. I excited by the prospects and opportunities that lay ahead while at the same time I’m aware of just how much we are all dependent upon one another for success. I know that I do not have all of the answers to address all of the challenges before us and I not only welcome, but I need input and counsel from those with whom I serve.

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